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August 11, 2015

Can the Border Be Secured?
Mike King to show how this Saturday

Group of three people tracked by SEIDARM™ at Arizona border test range near Ft. Huachuca.
American Border Patrol -- August 11, 2015   
New Invention can detect people --- anywhere on the border
    Radar works in air or space, Sonar works in water, but Seidar --- Seismic Detection and Ranging --- works underground.
    In July the U.S. government issued a patent for a new type of "Barrier Detection System and Method”.
    It is called SEIDARM™. This coming Saturday, Mike King of Border Technology, Inc., a small Arizona company, will show how SEIDARM™ can be used to secure U.S. borders.
    According to King, SEIDARM™ sensors detect vibrations caused by people walking, vehicles moving and aircraft flying close to the ground. An advanced computer algorithm locates the source of these vibrations and reports a threat if necessary.
    "The U.S. Border Patrol has used ground sensors for years," King said, "but they have very limited range and a 90% false alarm rate." King said the government issued a patent for SEIDARM™ because it uses sensors in a unique way that increases the range of detection by more than a factor of ten and reduces false alarms to almost zero. "Instead of having single sensor that covers a small area, SEIDARM™ can cover the entire border without a break," King said. "Existing ground sensors are dumb - SEIDARM™ is smart," King added.
    At a demonstration at BTI's Arizona border test range set for Saturday, King will show how SEIDARM™ works as it detects people walking, vehicles driving and aircraft flying. After a July 3 demonstration of the system, Jan Herron of Colorado said, "This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen." The system has been praised by Northrop Grumman engineers and other technical people.
    Reservations are needed and can be obtained by calling 520-366-9900, or sending an email request to Bus service is available from Phoenix and Tucson.
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