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August 6, 2015

What Border Problem?
Only 479,371 were caught (one in three)

"What Problem?"
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- August 6, 2015   
Border Information War
    As tonight's great debate approaches the liberal media are full of stories about how secure our border is.
    The Arizona Republic tells us of improvements on the border.
    "The urgency is gone on the U.S.-Mexico border” --- Reports Fox News Latino.
    "GOP candidates seize on an insecure border, but the flow of immigrants is down sharply” --- Reports US News and World Report.
    The Arizona Republic reported that 479,371 illegal aliens were caught last year. If we catch one in three - almost one million were not stopped.
    Operational Control, the definitive measure of border security, was dropped by the Obama Administration in 2010, and they still haven't come up with a new one.
    Is it surprising that Barack Obama would take steps to avoid border accountability? Is it surprising that the liberal media will tell us that all is OK?

A Twelve-Year Quest
KVOA TV - 5 pm, July 22, 2003:
Reporter: "American Border Patrol is placing sensors along the Mexican border near Sierra Vista. The sensors are buried and pick up vibrations from foot steps...."
Glenn Spencer: "We're going to come up with an evaluation of how well the Border Patrol is doing, how many people are getting past them, and where is this happening. And also coming up with suggestions as to how the Border Patrol can do a better job.
    This twelve-year quest has resulted in the development of a seismic-sensor based system that would detect (and count) everyone who crosses the border but the media have chosen to ignore it. is that surprising?
    There is a border information war going on with the Obama Administration and the mainstream media working to hide the truth --- and people like Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz seek to find it.
    We wish them luck.
PS -- The same kind of information war is going on with crime statistics. ICE regularly releases sex offenders who commit more rapes --- and they are not put on the national sex offense registry.