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August 3, 2015

The California Disaster
The Price of Overpopulation and Poverty

Leon Kolankiewicz -- CAPS-- July 28, 2015   
House GOP Drought-Relief Bill Ignores Immigration and Population Growth
    In late June, California Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives introduced a 170-page so-called drought-relief bill that they claimed would pump more water to besieged farmers in the Central Valley without abandoning safeguards for endangered fish in the Sacramento Delta.
    This stopgap measure, like virtually every dubious “solution” advanced with such fanfare by both mainstream political parties, utterly ignores the underlying mass immigration and massive population growth that are exacerbating the effects of the drought in California. Every new California resident needs water not just to drink, shower and wash away waste, but to provide every product from pecans and petroleum to iPads and iPods.

She went back to Mexico where there is water?
California Drought Could Wipe Cities Off Map If Their Water Runs Out       
    [...]"We're seeing a lot of new faces lately in the last few weeks, said Iglesia Emmanuel Church Pastor Roman Hernandez.
    Nobody knows the area's worsening struggles more than he does. He says families are packing up for Oregon, Illinois, and even Georgia to find farm work. One woman talked of going back to Mexico.
    “She grew up in Mexico very poor: no running water, no shoes, no electricity, but she told me that she at least had plenty of water,” he said. “I haven't seen her, so my suspicion is she went back to Mexico altogether.”