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August 2, 2015

America Threatened
Trump Understands It -- But it may be worse than he knows

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report -- August 2, 2015   
Threatening the Bonds of Our Union
    In 1998 I produced a video of what was happening in California. It was called Immigration Threatening the Bonds of Our Union -- Part I: Courage and Capitulation in California.
    James Lubinskas wrote a review in which he said: "Glenn Spencer, who heads the immigration reform group Voices of Citizens Together (VCT), has assigned himself the mordant task of chronicling the fall of California."
    That was seventeen years ago and I continued that “mordant task” for another four years, producing two more videos before I moved to the border in Arizona to continue the mordant task there.
    As Lubinskas observed: "The video starts by noting that the Republican party, due to political stupidity and cowardice, has abandoned the issue of immigration reform in California.”
    No one epitomizes this cowardice better than Karl Rove (See this and this)
    Donald Trump is now confronting cowardly Republican leaders. I am not sure, however, that he fully understands the degree to which we have --- as Trevor Loudan reports --- Enemies Within -- who have been engineering the flood of illegal aliens with a leftist (communist) political takeover as their goal.
    Based on twenty-three years of total emersion in this subject, I will say this: If Donald Trump sticks to his guns, we had better have ours handy because he will certainly set off a war of a sort this nation hasn't seen for 150 years.
    The subtitle my first video came from a 1998 speech by President Bill Clinton in which he said: "But mark my words, unless we handle this well, immigration of this sweep and scope could threaten the bonds of our Union.”
    We didn’t handle it well, and the bonds of our union are being threatened today greater than at any time since 1861.