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July 29, 2015

King of the Border
Sniper to Show Congress How It's Done

American Border Patrol -- July 29, 2015   
Officials to See Border Solution First Hand
    On August 15, Mike King, a former Army Sniper, will hold a public demonstration of SEIDARM™ --- a patented border security system he helped invent.
    Mike has invited elected public officials, including sheriffs, to see his system in operation - right on the border
    The SEIDARM™ demonstration will be held at the Arizona border test range of Border Technology, Inc. --- Mike is a VP --- south of Tucson.
    Elected officials will watch as SEIDARM™ detects a low flying ultralight aircraft flying miles away - something our government can't do.
    SEIDARM™ will then turn its attention to suspects - detecting them more than 400 feet before they can reach the border. SEIDARM™ will track these intruders --- pinpointing where they cross the border.
    Again, the U.S. Border Patrol can't do this.
    It will do the same for a vehicle traveling near the border.
    After the one-hour demonstration, Mike will explain how SEIDARM™ could be installed on the entire US/Mexico border at a small fraction of the cost of a fence.
    King says SEIDARM™ can be used for enforcement, but its real value is “situational awareness” on the border. “It doesn't completely replace a fence, but it will sure tell you if you need one,” King said.
    For more information, call 520-366-9900 --- or watch this video for details.
    Charter bus transportation from Phoenix and Tucson will be provided.