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July 28, 2015

The Media Blackout of Glenn Spencer
"They will stop at nothing"

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report -- July 28, 2015   
When I Sued the L.A. Times
   Fourteen years ago, Antonio Villaraigosa was running for Mayor of Los Angeles (he eventually made it).
    I tried to run an ad in the Los Angeles Daily news (something my grass roots organization had done many times) exposing Villaraigosa and his political ties to Mexico.
   The Los Angeles Times threatened the Daily News with a lawsuit if it ran the ad, so they killed it.
    After that I sued the Times, only to have an L.A. Judge dismiss the suit, accepting the Times' argument that I was attempting to stifle its freedom of speech. When I attempted to appeal this outrageous decision, my lawyer, Brian Buckley, a graduate of Dartmouth, disappeared.
    Buckley, who had been threatened over the lawsuit, has since been disbarred and was last reported living somewhere on the East Coast.
    Any fair person who takes a close look at this story would agree that the Los Angeles Times ruthlessly suppressed my freedom of speech in order to get Antonio Villaraigosa elected mayor --- despite his open loyalty to Mexico and the Conquest of Aztlan.
    If you are ever taken aback by my claims of a media blackout, study this story carefully and you will understand why they are doing it. They understand that I know from very close personal experience what they are trying to do - and that they will stop at nothing to achieve their aims --- and I can prove it.