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July 27, 2015

NewsMax Defies the Mainstream Media
JD Hayworth interviews Glenn Spencer

JD Hayworth interviews Glenn Spencer -- Friday, July 24
Watch JD's July 24 Prime Time Hour on NewsMaxTV -- or just Glenn's six-minute segment
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- July 27, 2015   
Thanks JD and NewsMax
    As one who has been blacked out by the mainstream media, I want to thank JD Hayworth and NewsMaxTV for giving me the opportunity to talk about Donald Trump's visit to the border. They showed real courage.
    Off the bat I said union bosses probably nixed the deal Trump had made with the union local because they feared that he would build his “wall" and that might cut agents by half. I had reason to believe this.
    I also said that many Hispanics might vote for him because he would help the economy create jobs here in the U.S. Doesn't that make sense?
    Asked to respond to Obama's plans for sweeping amnesty, I warned that he was taking steps to undermine the loyalty of new citizens by waiving that part of the oath of allegiance taken by naturalized citizens that requires that they take up arms in defense of the nation. I said nations such as Mexico have dual citizenship and that was a problem.
    JD asked me about an upcoming event on August 15 to demonstrate SEIDARM™ - new technology for the border. ȁThis is technology that you could install from Brownsville Texas to San Diego, and you would know anytime anyone approached that border from the south --- aircraft, vehicles, people - and it would tell you,” I explained.
    Actually the demonstration is being put on by Mike King of Border Technology of Arizona. (You can learn more about Mike and SEIDARM™ in this very short video)
    I understand that attendance is by invitation only. I also understand that Mike has invited many elected officials -- including all presidential candidates. I hope they decide to attend this important event.
    For more information, call Melissa at Border Technology -- 520-366-9900.