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July 24, 2015

Threatening Union Bosses
Would the Trump "wall" mean fewer agents? Yes.

Jack Dennis -- The Examiner -- July 23, 2015   
Border Patrol Agents forced to back off from Trump visit by Washington D.C.
    Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas say they are disappointed in their Washington D.C. based union leaders regarding the sudden cancelation of the planned trip by Donald Trump to visit with them in Laredo today.
    “We were excited and anticipating the visit from Trump and were told we had to back off and not meet with him,” said one of several south Texas agents who contacted the Examiner Thursday. “Hell, we were the ones who invited him to Laredo. He didn't approach us first. We asked him because he is the only one who is bringing the attention to the trouble. We wanted him to see with his own eyes what is going on here.”
    “Inviting him to Laredo was not our endorsement,” a second agent elaborated. “It was only our chance to get more media and press people here to ride along and report the actual conditions without interference from the usual politics. But I guess the politics won out again.”
    “(President) Obama is certainly not doing anything to help and those of us who work in the field each day say we are basically ignored,” the first agent added. “When money and more agents were approved, they went to the other sectors on the border. They didn't come here. Are we being punished?