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July 21, 2015

Sanctuary America
Will Republicans put an end to a nation of lawlessness?

"There's one way and one way only to get sanctuary cities to comply with federal law, and that's to withhold some of the federal funds they actually want," said Rep. Duncan Hunter, the California Republican who wrote the bill. "Plain and simple, if they want the federal money, then they need to comply with federal law."
Stephen Dinan -- Washington Times -- July 20, 2015   
House aims to punish sanctuary cities, force cooperation by withholding federal funds
    The House will vote this week on legislation to punish sanctuary cities such as San Francisco, moving quickly to force the Obama administration to take action as victims of crime linked to illegal immigrants come forward to tell their stories.
    Cities and counties that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities would lose federal funding from several Justice Department grant programs, including one that pays to hire police officers and another that pays local jails for housing illegal immigrants. [...}
    The sanctuary issue has developed quickly after the July 1 shooting of Kathryn Steinle, a young woman who was killed as she walked with her father along a street in San Francisco. Police have accused an illegal immigrant who had been deported five times but who was out on the streets under San Francisco's sanctuary policy.
    Steinle's father, Jim Steinle, is among victims' families who are scheduled to testify to the Senate on Tuesday.

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report
Will Republicans Finally Show Some Courage?
    I have fought against illegal immigration for twenty-three years and time, and time again, battles were lost because of the cowardice of the leaders of the Republican Party.
    The issue of sanctuary cities, which I fought against nineteen years ago, will be another test of those leaders. If they fail again, there will be little wonder why the voters turn to the “Bull in the China Shop”.