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July 15, 2015

Mexican Conquest of Aztlan
Will Trump Cross the Rubicon?

Left: Hillary declares war on Donald Trump
Center: Mexican President Zedillo declares was on America
Right: Cecilia Munoz declares war on Glenn Spencer
Daily Caller -- July 13, 2015   
Hillary To Trump In La Raza Speech: 'Basta! Enough!'
  At a mostly unremarkable speech at the annual convention of the National Council of La Raza, the nation's largest Latino advocacy group, Hillary Clinton said she had one word for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump: “Basta!”
    “Enough,” the Democrat translated, as she slammed the billionaire real estate mogul for his comments last month about immigrants.
    Clinton spent most of her speech at the convention, held in Kansas City, rehashing remarks she made earlier Monday in New York City. There Clinton gave her first general overview of her campaign economic agenda.
    At the La Raza convention, Clinton reiterated her call for comprehensive immigration reform and said that she would fight to not only uphold President Obama's executive amnesty actions but go even further. She also said she would do everything she could to protect DREAMers from deportation.

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report
Ugly and divisive, but true
    Fifteen years ago I gave a speech to a citizens group in Farmingville, Long Island, wherein I warned that Mexico was sponsoring an invasion of the United States with the intent of returning the Southwest to its jurisdiction. I documented this claim in a video called Conquest of Aztlan.
    The New York Times covered the event and interviewed Cecilia Munoz, now Obama's Domestic Policy Advisor.
    Speaking of me, Munoz told the Times: ""He makes contentions that are ugly and very divisive," she said. "Not the kinds of things that bring people together, as is clearly needed in Farmingville right now.”
    Cecilia did not claim that what I was saying was untrue, because she knew it was true. I was speaking the unspeakable - and it still is --- as evidenced by the media blackout of anything I say or do.
    The question now is --- does Donald Trump have the courage to speak the unspeakable? Will he expose Mexico's hostile intent? Will he cross the Rubicon?