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July 13, 2015

Mexico Corrupt?

Associated Press -- July 12, 2015   
Dismay in US over Guzman's escape from Mexican prison
    Reactions in the United States to the escape from Mexican prison of a reputed drug lord ranged from disbelief to outrage, with some observers saying it dramatically illustrated the need for captured cartel kingpins to be promptly extradited to the U.S. [...]
    "I think this will add to the distrust many U.S. agencies feel (toward the Mexican government) --- even if that's not publicly voiced," said David Shirk, San Diego-based fellow for the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars...

The Latest: Trump tweets Guzman's escape proves his claims
    Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has seized on the dramatic prison escape of drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman to add to his recent criticism of Mexico.
    The tweet from his official site @realDonaldTrump on Sunday pointed to the escape as a reminder of problems he was referring to when he said that many Mexican migrants bring drugs and crime to the United States.
    Trump's Twitter message says: "Mexico's biggest drug lord escapes from jail. Unbelievable corruption and USA is paying the price. I told you so!"
    Some Republican leaders who hope to make inroads with Hispanic voters in the U.S. have urged him to tone down his criticism of Mexican immigrants, to no avail....