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July 12, 2015

Charging Mexico for Illegals
Will They Pay?

Breitbart -- July 11, 2015   
Trump: Charge Mexico $100,000 for Every Illegal Alien Crossing The Border
    Donald Trump has won over Republican voters with a pair of speeches to the party faithful, attacking the government of Mexico and outlining a plan to charge them $100,000 for every illegal immigrant who crosses the southern border.
    The Republican presidential front-runner got round after round of applause at successive events in Las Vegas, Nevada and Phoenix, Arizona, at which he rounded on the Mexican government for allegedly ‘pushing' undocumented immigrants to the U.S. to avoid dealing with them themselves.
    Trump said that Mexico had been allowed to get away with the scheme because they are ‘smart' and President Obama and his administration are ‘stupid' – a situation which can only be fixed if he leads the charge to ‘take back our country'.
    At the second address in Phoenix, Trump unveiled his plan, under which he would hold the government responsible for those who crossed the border, and charge them a fee for each person.
    He said: ‘Every time Mexico --- really intelligently --- sends people over we charge Mexico $100,000 for every person they send over.'

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report
Trump's Border Strategy
    Donald Trump wants to charge Mexico for EVERY Mexican who crosses the border illegally.
    Last year we apprehended about 250,000 Mexicans trying to cross the border illegally.
    Assuming the same rate of illegal crossings, at $100K each, Trump would collect $25 billion --- clearly enough to build a “wall”.
    We catch about one in three illegal border crossers, so, at best, Trump's plan would collect about $75 billion a year --- clearly enough to do any job --- and put Mexico into bankruptcy.
    But Trump says Mexico must be sending these people “really intelligently.” How are we going to prove that? By what mechanism are we going to charge Mexico and based on what evidence - and how many years will it take to collect?
    Trump is suggesting that we let Mexicans cross the border illegally and then try to charge Mexico. This is very similar to Obama's basic policy --- let them cross and then try to catch the bad ones.
    The American people want the border secured and they would be happy to pay for it. As I said before, we need to hear Trump state his border security plans in terms that make sense.
    He might start by looking at Mike King's SEIDARM™ system. It could give us border security very rapidly --- and at a low cost.