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July 11, 2015

Courageous Trump
But will he visit the border?

Banner erected July 4 is made up of thousands of flags --- each sent in by an American. It faces Mexico --- 200 feet to the south.
July 11, 2015   
Ann Coulter on the media:
   "Every single elite group in America is aligned against the public – the media, ethnic activists, big campaign donors, Wall Street, multimillionaire farmers and liberal 'churches.'"
    "Their game plan is: Never allow an honest debate on immigration. On every other important subject, both sides can be heard."
    "Only in the case of immigration is the public systematically lied to from every major news outlet. The media lie about everything, but immigration constitutes their finest hour of collective lying.”

I Challenge Trump - and All Candidates
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
    Last weekend marked the eighth year American Border Patrol has placed flags along the border. Each of 50,000 flags contained an individual message from an American. There are now more than 100,000 such flags on the border, but the public knows nothing of them.
    Also last weekend, Mike King demonstrated technology that can help secure the border, but the public knows nothing of him or his technology.
    On May 13, the Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee complained that DHS wouldn't allow him to show a map of where the border fence is. His aide was shocked to learn that ABP has had such a map online for years. The public is unaware of this map.
    For years there has been a deliberate news blackout of American Border Patrol's work because it shows how the border can be secured - and those who control the media do not want this to happen.
    It seems that Donald Trump has the courage to go against the media. Well, here is a chance to show just how brave he really is. I challenge Donald Trump - and all presidential candidates - to let the voices of America be heard and visit their flags on the border.