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July 10, 2015

Rick Perry Points to Invisible Border Gate

July 10, 2015   
Rick Perry with Greta -- May 2011
Perry: Right down there is some fence. Do you see it?
Greta: Oh yeah, I see the fence.
Perry: Do you see how short the distance is from the river to the highway?
Greta: Is that fence effective?
Perry: No ma'am. No it's not.
Greta: It looks like I could get over it. That's why I asked.
Perry: Or around it for sure. There are too many egress points and none of the gates are closed. You could see how that gate is wide-open right there. It's never closed. You can't deny access to the landowner, so there's really no point.

Gates Never Installed
As reported by American Border Patrol, the gate that Rick Perry is pointing to was never installed -- Obama stopped the installation of twelve such gates.
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Rick Perry's Record on the Border
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