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July 8, 2015

The Price of Sanctuary Cities

Glenn Spencer, American Patrol Report -- July 8, 2015   
Thirty Six Years of Lawlessness Must End
    Special Order 40 was issued on November 27, 1979, by the Los Angeles Police Department under a directive by the Los Angeles City Council. It forbids the LAPD from arresting someone for being in the country illegally AND it forbids the LAPD from COOPERATING with the Immigration and Naturalization Service.
    In 1992, California Attorney General Dan Lungren issued a legal opinion that held: “Due to the supremacy clause of the United States Constitution, a city may not prohibit it officers and employees from cooperating in their official capacities with Immigration and Naturalization Service investigation, detention, or arrest procedures relating to alleged violations of the civil provisions of the federal immigration laws.”
    On December 17, 1996, I wrote “The L.A. City Council is a Bunch of Outlaws” in which I showed that even though it knew Special Order 40 was unconstitutional, the City Council refused to rescind it.
    In 2001 the LA City Council met to renew Special Order 40. I was the only person there to oppose it. I knew what they were going to do and said, as I completed my argument: “The headquarters of the decline and fall of the United States is now well established in the council chambers of Los Angeles.” The council voted to continue Special Order 40.
    More people began to speak out in against Special Order 40 after the 2008 murder of Jamiel Shaw by an illegal alien.
    On July 4, 2015, Jamiel's Shaw's father threw his support behind Donald Trump.
    Nineteen years ago I was right to oppose sanctuary cities and Donald Trump is right today.