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July 4, 2015

Sniper Nails It
SEIDARM Performs Perfectly

American Patrol Report -- July 4, 2015   
Border Security System Demonstrated at "Flags" Event
Media blackout continues
    Yesterday, as patriots worked to install 50,000 flags on letters that spell out AMERICA, Mike King showed how the border can be secured --- just as ABP said he would.
    The demonstration was part of the Flags Along the Border event held by American Border Patrol. This is the eighth year of “Flags Along the Border.”
    King narrated the action as the SEIDARM™ border security system detected an ultralight aircraft as it passed over the border miles from where he was standing. The audience saw the action from a remote camera. They also saw SEIDARM™ detect a single human walking 600 feet from the detection system --- and a vehicle --- all miles away.
    Closer to home, the audience heard SEIDARM™'s loud siren as the same ultralight aircraft passed directly over their heads. A group of three volunteers from the audience were detected 450 feet from the line of SEIDARM™sensors as other Americans looked on.
    SEIDARM™ is but one of many types of technology ABP has tested in the past 13 years on the border, but it is very special to ABP head, Glenn Spencer. "This technology is special because not only does it provide for border security, it can also count everyone who crosses the border and this is what is needed to grade DHS/CBP performance,” Spencer said.
     Border security is one on the major issues facing candidates in the upcoming 2016 presidential race. "I am urging candidates to ignore the medial blackout of American Border Patrol and come to our test site to see for themselves what can be done,” Spencer said. Despite a major effort at getting the word out, no media were present at yesterday's demonstration.
    The Flags Along the Border event continues today at the huge letters that spell out “God Bless AMERICA Land That I Love” , with thousands of flags on them, are placed on a huge banner on the border.