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July 3, 2015

Flags Along the Border Starts Today
Made Front Page of Sierra Vista Herald

American Border Patrol President Glenn Spencer stands next to giant letters which will be placed near the United States/Mexican border Friday. -- Volunteers are needed to help place thousands of American flags into the letters Friday as the two day Flags Along the Border event kicks-off.
Sierra Vista Herald / Review -- July 2, 2015   
Flags decorate the border with patriotism
Annual celebration set for Friday, Saturday
    Sierra Vista, Arizona -- If you're looking for something patriotic to partake in this weekend, American Border Patrol will be hosting its 8th annual Flags Along the Border celebration on July 3 from noon to 7 p.m. and July 4 from 2 to 8 p.m.
    Held at the American Border Patrol's Ranch, Friday's event centers around placing 50,000 flags from the non-profit organization's supporters onto big letters that spell ‘America,' to later place along the border.
    “This year we've made a huge effort in getting people here to help us put these flags on ‘America.' For the last three years we've been averaging about 10,000 flags, but this year because the border issue was first and foremost in many people's minds, we received so many flags that we couldn't believe it,” president of American Border Patrol, Glenn Spencer said.
    Saturday's event will consist of taking the flag-covered letters down to the border in a celebration of America's heritage.
    Attendees are encouraged to come in western wear for the pioneer-themed event.
    “This is also an event to remember the pioneers because so many of the people around here are just that, pioneers. There are people who live here whose families have settled this land before Arizona was a state,” Spencer said.
    Western-style barbecue, demonstrations of American Border Patrol technology, and an opportunity for children to learn to fly a drone will also be available during both days of the event.
    “It's really a grassroots celebration of the Fourth of July,” Spencer said.
    He added that Border Patrol agents will be available during the celebration to ease any safety concerns regarding the event being on the border.
  Tickets are $30 per day and $50 for couples, children under 13 are granted free admission. --
[Correction -- We dropped admission charge ten days ago.]
    To make a reservation call (520) 803-7703 or go to