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July 1, 2015

Spencer a Hit on JD Hayworth
Followed Trump
American Border Patrol -- July 1, 2015   
    Glenn Spencer, head of the non-profit American Border Patrol, appeared on the JD Hayworth Newsmax Prime TV show last evening -- following JD's interview of Donald Trump.
    Spencer spoke of problems on the border, including a recent incident where he discovered a hole the border fence that allowed $20 million in drugs to pass through. The trucks carrying the drugs drove right past a US Border Patrol camera tower without being detected.
    Spencer described a technical solution this type of problem that ABP has been testing for four years called SEIDARM™. As he spoke, JD played clips from a video of the SEIDARM™ technology Spencer spoke of.
    “This technology will solve the border problem,” Spencer said.
    When asked if the federal government was aware of this technology, Spencer said yes, but that the people he met with in 2013 to had a long history of technical failures.
    He also said that Northrop Grumman had been looking at the technology for more than two years. “I think someone in the government told them to shut up,” Spencer said
    Spencer encouraged presidential candidates to visit ABP's ranch to see how the border problem can be solved.
    The technology Spencer spoke of will be demonstrated at the Eighth Annual Flags Along the Border event this coming weekend.