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June 30, 2015

This Coming Friday an Army Sniper
Will Show How His SEIDARM Can Stop
Terrorists at the Border
PR Newswire -- June 29, 2015   
    Hereford, Ariz. -- Mike King is a former Army sniper. He invented a system that can stop terrorists at the border. It is called SEIDARM™ --- Seismic Detection and Ranging system.
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    On Friday, July 3, at 1 PM, Mike will show how his technology can detect and pinpoint people, low flying aircraft and vehicles on the Mexican border. It will be part of the Flags Along the Border event, held at American Border Patrol's border ranch south of Sierra Vista.
    The audience will watch as people, vehicles and aircraft are detected and tracked by SEIDARM™. A live computer monitor will show SEIDARM™ sensors making the detection. Each detection will set off a loud siren.
1:00 PM - Demonstration Starts

    At an undisclosed border location more than 5 miles from ABP's ranch a person will walk toward the border (seen using remote camera). He will be detected more than 500 feet from the border (U.S. Border Patrol sensors have a range of about 30 feet).
    An ultralight aircraft will be detected flying at the border --- twice (seen using remote camera). U.S. government radar will not see it.
    An alarm at the ABP ranch will sound each time and SEIDARM™ sensors will light up.
    An ultralight aircraft will be detected as it heads north from the border. This will happen twice. An alarm will sound each time and SEIDARM™ sensors will light up.
    DHS/CBP radar - the Aerostat - fifteen miles away - will not see it.
    Three people will be seen walking toward the line of SEIDARM™ sensors – they will be detected and tracked as they cross the "border." Our Border Patrol cannot do this.
1:45 PM - Live Demonstration Completed
Mike King takes questions. King will explain how the SEIDARM™ system could be installed on the entire border in a matter of weeks.
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