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June 28, 2015

Border Security Risk
"Flags Along the Border" marks eighth year

Left: DHS installed a five-mile-wide steel-beam fence after Americans placed flags on the border. (see larger photo) -- Right: Most of the border is still not secure.
WEAR-TV -- June 25, 2015   
Southern U.S. border could become gateway for ISIS
 It's no secret the terrorist group ISIS intends to establish an Islamic Government in the middle-east and has shown its determination and brutality to achieve that end.
    Now there is growing concern that ISIS could be a danger in the Western hemisphere as well.
    Experts say ISIS may soon be biding it's time along the southern U.S. border.
    Our southern border is long and U.S. border patrol agents work to fight illegal activity, like illegal immigration, drugs, and now according to an FBI consultant, the border could be an attractive region for ISIS; thanks in part to powerful drug lords.
    "Drug dealers have found a way to move money without it being followed… they found a way to move people in and out.... and they found a way to move product," said Tyrone Powers.
   That product powers refers to is tons and tons of meth, heroin and pot transferred through a labyrinth of tunnels from Mexico. Drugs that are headed for the streets of the U.S. but these tunnels could easily be an underground highway for ISIS to spawn its brutality here.
    "The stronger they get over there, the more power they have," said Senator Lindsey Graham. "So I can definitely see, in the future, collaboration between terrorist groups and drug dealers to our South."
    "Its individuals they bring into this country .. maybe at some point, suicide bombers which is really scary... and then WMD's," Powers said.
    Terrorist experts say the epidemic of unstable leadership in Mexico, combined with ruthless drug cartels. Creating a vacuum.
    Brandon Behlendorf said, "What's been going on in Mexico creates an opportunity for any organization to try to take advantage of it, whether its ISIS or Al Shabbab."