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June 27, 2015

Border Issue Big in Texas
But not big enough to warrant honest reporting?

ABP aerial survey found gates were left off Texas border fence.
The media, including Fox News, ignored this.
Texas Tribune -- June 23, 2015   
UT/TT Poll: Economy, Border Security Are Top Issues
    Texans remain concerned about economic issues nationally, and about immigration and border issues in their home state, according to the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll.
    The economy, federal spending and the national debt still top registered voters' list of the most important problems facing the country, the poll found. And border security and immigration remain the top problems facing the state. [...]
   “Border security and immigration is a constant, and everything else comes up as a matter of context,” said Daron Shaw, a professor of government at UT-Austin and co-director of the poll. He said recent news of shootings and violence involving police hasn't lifted race relations or gun violence up on Texas voters' list of pressing problems.
    “Those incidents might drive ratings for CNN, but they don't seem to move people's perception of the most important problems,” he said.

American Border Patrol
Mike King's Technology Could Solve Texas Border Problem
    Mike King worked for five years to perfect a border security system --- called SEIDARM™.
    He just got a patent on it.
    As we reported last April, Mike's system could be used to seal the levees that line the Rio Grande River.
    Mike will demonstrate the system next weekend at the Eighth Annual Flags Along the Border BBQ. Will the media come to see it in action?