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June 23, 2015

Candidates Demand Secure Border for Votes
Are they interested in how in can be done?
CNN -- June 22, 2015   
GOP candidates head to the border  
    The party's conservative base is deeply distrustful of the White House's will to secure the border with Mexico, worrying about the influx of undocumented immigrants who they associate with crime and poverty.
    So, Republican presidential hopefuls are making trips here, not to win over locals in this deep-blue region of an otherwise red state. Instead, they're coming here to bolster their credentials with early-state voters hungry to see candidates pledge to clamp down on illegal immigration.
    Rick Perry, the former Texas governor, was here last week. Ted Cruz, a Texas senator who is also seeking the GOP nomination, was in town the week before, when he received a briefing at a U.S. Border Patrol outpost and said stemming the tide of illegal crossings relies on "boots on the ground" first and foremost. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker made the trip earlier this year.
    Nothing serves as a better backdrop for their stump speeches than the border towns here in the Rio Grande Valley. The tough talk increasingly features harsh words on securing the border to the exclusion of any discussion about what to do with the roughly 11 million undocumented immigrants already in the country.
    "This issue deserves presidential leadership," said Cruz, standing in the parking lot of a Buick dealership across the street from the Border Patrol outpost. "That's what's missing, and if I'm elected president, that's what I hope to provide."
From 'border first' to 'border only'
Cruz and his fellow Republicans might not want to address how they would deal with the undocumented immigrants already in the country, but they are eager to emphasize just how fearlessly they would block illegal border crossings, thwart the drug trade and protect American families from any intruders with any ties to Islamic extremists. The approach is no longer "border first" but "border only."
How About a Nice BBQ?
Glenn Spencer - American Border Patrol
    Political candidates are making a big deal out of securing the border - no doubt to win the primary election. To prove they are serious they should come to our BBQ on July 3 or 4 and watch as Mike King demonstrates exactly how the border can be secured.
     Oh, but I forgot, that would take real courage.