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June 22, 2015

Big Border Tech Problem -- Borkowksi
Report exposes gross mismanagement

"We disagree strongly with the OIG," said Mark Borkowski
USA Today   
Is pricey Border Patrol drone program worth the cost?
    Over the past two fiscal years, CBP's drones helped nab less than 3 percent of the drugs seized by agents in the few sectors where they were used, according to CBP's own figures.
    By comparison, since this fiscal year began on Oct. 1, manned aircraft have accounted for more than 99 percent of weapons, cash and meth seizures, 95 percent of cocaine seizures, and 89 percent of marijuana seizures in which aerial assets were involved, according to CBP data. [...]
    Sheehy, a former Navy SEAL, said his firm, Bridger Enterprises, has given up on seeking CBP contracts after "banging our heads on that door for three years and getting nowhere."
    Officers at several other aerial-surveillance firms made similar comments but asked not to be identified, saying they feared it might harm their relations with CBP.
    Industry insiders and security analysts say that alternatives to the drones get short shrift because the government's contracting and acquisition system tilts towards large military contractors whose heavy lobbying can define contracts in ways that favor them.
    "People with lobbying access can define the requirements that determine the contract," said Brian Whiteside, a pilot who has worked with several aerial-surveillance companies. "It's lead time, networks, connections, access; if you're a small business, you're not going to survive. ”

Fire Borkowski
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol   
  The first thing the new president must do is fire Mark Borkowski --- the guy who makes tech decisions for CBP.
    Borkowski has a string of failures so long that it can no longer be attributed to incompetence --- it has to be by design.
    In August of 2013, I looked Borkowski in the face and showed him how to solve the ultralight problem. He wasn't interested --- and still isn't.
    I congratulate Bob Ortega and the Arizona Republic for their report on the Predator B - I only wish they would come down to the border and see what American Border Patrol has been testing for five years.
    They might try July 3/4 when Mike King will demonstrate SEIDARM™ --- the system Borkowski is ignoring.