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June 20, 2015

Meth in America
Amezcua brothers "started it all"
Arizona Republic -- June 17, 2015   
Spike in meth seen from Mexico as US production low
    Border officers have seized more methamphetamine in Arizona this fiscal year than they did the entire previous year, continuing an upward trend for the drug that officials say is much easier and cheaper to manufacture in Mexico.
    U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at Arizona ports of entry have seized more than 3,240 pounds of meth between October and May, compared with 3,200 pounds for the entire last fiscal year. The federal government's fiscal year ends Sept. 30.
    "We started noticing the increase with meth in fiscal year 2014, so we noticed an increment on crystal meth and obviously it all starts from the demand, you know. They're demanding this drug," agency spokeswoman Marcia Armendariz said.

House Hearings, 1999 -- Constantine, head of DEA
  "We had a miniscule methamphetamine problem until there was developed wide scale distribution from these [Mexican] criminal organizations. To give you a sense of the growth and the explosion, in 1991 emergency admissions in this country for methamphetamine were 4,900. By 1997, the emergency room admissions had gone to 17,400. To give you an example of the impact in the middle part of this country, in Des Moines Iowa, there are now more methamphetamine arrests than there are drunken driving arrests.
Senate Hearings, 1999
    Senator Dianne Feinstein: "And are not the Amezcua brothers responsible for the establishment of the mainstream methamphetamine market in the United States?"
   Donnie Marshal. DEA Acting Administrator:  "Yes, that's correct, they are. They in a sense were the ones that started it all.