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June 18, 2015

Ultra Threat
Elegant Solution

Left: Glenn Spencer flies undected near border Right: Col. McSally and A-10.
American Border Patrol -- June 18, 2015   
Something Rep. McSally Needs to See
When newly elected Rep. Martha McSally (R-AZ) visited the border, she encountered a real threat to America.
The Strange McSally Border Visit
    Her fifth day as a member of Congress was highlighted by witnessing some of the challenges Border Patrol agents face as they try to identify and intercept drugs being brought into the United States by foot and by air. An ultralight aircraft was detected near the Border Patrol helicopter she was in, so she got to be on board during an attempted intercept. [...]
    Though the intercept failed, the Border Patrol was able to locate a different ultralight on Saturday, once it had landed.
    It is well known that the radar system used by Customs and Border Protection cannot detect ultralight or very light aircraft.
    In fact, on May 27, 2015, CBP radar operators told Glenn Spencer that they could not detect his near-border test flight.
    On July 3rd and 4th Mike King will demonstrate a border technology that can detect ultralight aircraft every time. It was first tested three years ago and it is even better today.
    Rep. McSally, a retired Air Force A-10 pilot, needs to see this system in action.