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June 16, 2015

The UAV That Made History
Pioneer "Drone" on Display Independence Day
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- June 16, 2015
The Border Hawk Led the Way
    On May 15, 2003, I was interviewed on Lester Holt Live while standing in the Arizona desert just north of the Mexican border.
    As I spoke, Mike King launched the Border Hawk, a small UAV he developed for ABP. Holt's nationwide audience watched as the little drone sent live video of the border --- and ABP “Hawkeyes.”
    The Border Hawk was the first “drone” used to patrol the US/Mexico border --- and this wasn't the first time it had been in the news.
    Even CNN said it was “kinda cool.”
    Hearing of the success of the Border Hawk, DHS announced it was going to start using UAVs on the border.
    Any fair observer would agree that the Border Hawk was a pioneer in the use of drones on the border.
    Come to ABP's Flags Along the Border BBQ and see the Border Hawk as it joins other pioneers.