Past Features

June 15, 2015

Cutting Out "AMERICA"
ABP prepares for July 4th

Mike King watches as ABP'S computerized numerical control machine cuts out the letter
"C" in “AMERICA". It also drilled thousands of holes for flags.
American Border Patrol -- June 15, 2015
Where do you put 50,000 flags?
    During the weekend of July 4th patriots will gather at American Border Patrol's ranch for its Eighth Annual Flags Along the Border BBQ.
    Each year ABP supporters send in small flags, including a personal message, to be placed on the border.
    Normally ABP receives about 10,000 flags, but this year public interest in the border has exploded and it expects to get up to 50,000 flags.
    To display this outpouring of support, ABP is building a 64-foot-wide billboard that will read “God Bless AMERICA Land That I Love.”
    On July 3rd, the first day of the two-day event, patriots will place the flags on the letters that spell out AMERICA. On July 4th, the individual letters, with flags affixed, will be taken from ABP's enclosed shop and placed on the big billboard near the border.
    Placing the flags is just part of the two-day event that will include live demonstrations of the SEIDARM™ border security system by Mike King, live entertainment, and a display showing thirteen years of work by American Border Patrol, including the Border Hawk UAV --- and much more.
    Reservations are necessary. Call 1-520-803-7703 for information or click here to register.
Update: Going on now --- Painter busy on background for AMERICA