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June 14, 2015

The American Border Patrol Story
A Quest for Accountability
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- June 14, 2015
Time for the Media to Do Its Job
    After graduating from college I spent five years working for a think tank. It was originally called Serendipity Associates --- later SERNCO. My speciality was large scale computer simulation models.
    In developing these models I had to produce an output that made sense. What was the bottom line?
    When I began looking at the border problem thirteen years ago, it became obvious that there was no clear measure of success.
    Today, after all of those years, there is still no border metric. It took eleven years for me to reach the conclusion that this is by design. The people who really run things in Washington, D.C., do not want to fully secure the border so they fight any serious attempt at accountability.
    (I explain this in detail in my GovSec West paper given in Dallas in November, 2013.)
    During this entire period I have been looking for technology that would do the job. Well, Mike King and I found it.
    In 2013, I showed this technology to the man who decides such things for DHS, but he wasn't interested --- and still isn't.
    I have put my finger on the most sensitive part of the liberal/globalist anatomy - the truth about the border --- and the reaction was predictable --- pretend it isn't happening --- or attack the prober.
  On July 3 and 4 Mike King is going to show Americans how the technology he co-developed can help secure the border --- especially against terrorists carrying nuclear devices. I hope the media will ignore the nonsensical SPLC attacks on me and American Border Patrol and do its job to report what Americans need to know about their security.