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June 12, 2015

Sniper's Technology Awarded a Patent
Protection against terrorism possible
American Border Patrol -- June 12, 2015
Security System Five Years in Development  
    Five years after he began working on it, and four years after he first applied, Mike King, a former Army sniper, has been awarded a patent for his co-invention of a border security system. The actual patent is for a “Barrier Detection System and Method,” but Mike calls it SEIDARM™ for Seismic Detection and Ranging.
    Mike first showed his invention to a group of Arizona State legislators in 2010.
    Since then the system has been demonstrated numerous times under the name IDENTISEIS.
    Last year Mike made significant improvements in the system and changed the name to SEIDARM™ - Seismic Detection and Ranging System. SEIDARM™ made its debut at the 9th Annual Border Security Expo in Phoenix in April, and was big hit.
    SEIDARM™ can detect humans, vehicles and aircraft that attempt to penetrate our borders. It is buried and solar-powered and can run continuously along a border without a break. Humans are regularly detected 600 feet before reaching the line of sensors, compared to thirty feet for US Border Patrol technology. And, SEIDARM™ can detect ultralight aircraft - US Border Patrol radar cannot.
    Mike will show how SEIDARM™ works at the Eighth Annual Flags on the Border BBQ held by American Border Patrol.
    Attendance is restricted and tickets and a special pass are required.
    Contact American Border Patrol at 520-803-7703 between 9 AM and 4 PM Pacific Time, or log on here to submit an application for a reservation.