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June 11, 2015

Los Angeles Schools Are Failing
Will America Follow?
In 1982, the Supreme Court rules in Plyler v. Doe , 457 U.S. 202 (1982), that public schools were prohibited from denying immigrant students access to a public education.
Breitbart -- June 10, 2015
LAUSD Lowers Standards to Let 22,000 Failing Students Graduate, Some as Old as 22
    The Hispanic-dominated Los Angeles Unified School District Board has decided it is better to let failing students graduate with D grades rather than deny them a diploma because of their poor grades in college prep classes.
    The board unanimously agreed on Tuesday that students with a D grade in so-called A-G courses, which are required for entry to the University of California and California State University systems, could graduate and earn their diploma. The Daily News reported that 51 percent of incoming seniors are behind on the courses. [...]
   According to the California Department of Education's Educational Demographics Unit, over 476,000 high school students are Hispanic or Latino, comprising 73.7 percent of the high schools' student body. Dropout rates hover around 17 percent.

How We Are Losing America
Glenn Spencer - American Patrol Report
    In 1965 a grieving America passed Lyndon Johnson's sweeping immigration law. Immediately thereafter arrests of illegal aliens at our southern border surged. Guess why.
    In 1982 the Supreme Court decided that Americans had to educate illegal aliens.
    In 1986 President Reagan, hoping to stop the flood, granted amnesty while promising to secure the border.
    In 1987 MALDEF worked to scuttle the law.
    In 1994 the people of California passed Proposition 187 to reverse Plyler vs Doe.
    In 1995 a federal judge found 187 unconstitutional --- wrongly.
    In 1999 liberals killed 187 ---- illegally.
    In 2006 Bush signed the Secure Fence Act --- with his fingers crossed.
    In 2007 the Secure Fence Act was scuttled by Sen. Hutchinson.
    In 2008 Barack Obama was elected President. --- It may have been an act of national suicide.