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June 10, 2015

Border Solution Silenced?
Invention Suppressed by DHS?
Glenn Spencer - American Border Patrol -- June 10, 2015
We Could Be Protected from Terrorists --- If We Only Knew About It  
    Yesterday, Breitbart News reported... “a Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) report revealed that illegal immigrants have been working with terrorists organizations like Al-Shabaab, the Somali terrorist group, to sneak other terrorists into the country.”
   While our DHS isn't worried about terrorists sneaking across the border, there is a lot that DHS is not telling us. For example, they are not telling us that a former Army sniper has invented a system that can detect anyone who tries to cross the border --- even in a small airplane!
    They are not telling us that a top DHS/CBP group --- the same people who brought us the Boeing virtual fence --- has known about this technology since 2013 and ignored it.
    And --- this is really scary --- there is evidence that some in our government may actually be working to make sure that this technology isn't used anywhere!
    Mike King is that sniper, and he has been awarded a patent for his invention. On Independence Day weekend Mike will show the world that his system can spot people 600 feet before they reach the border.
    Those present will hear a siren blare as an ultralight aircraft flies across the border north bound --- detected by Mike's technology --- and our government can't detect ultralight aircraft!
   DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson wishes you wouldn't, but you can see this border technology work --- in person. Just click here.