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June 9, 2015

Border War
Spencer sits on vest too

Left, BP chopper --- Right - CNN crew and ABP Cessna
The Blaze -- June 8, 2015
Rep. Jason Chaffetz Reveals Miraculous New Detail About the Border Patrol Chopper Shot at Last Week  
    On Friday, a Customs and Border Patrol helicopter took fire from the ground while patrolling near Laredo, Texas, in the southern area of the state. Now, Rep. Jason Chaffetz is showing you one of the bullet holes that forced that chopper to land and giving a new, miraculous detail.
    “Bullet hole upper right,” Chaffetz said in an Instagram post. Then he dropped a new detail about how the pilot's life was spared: “With Homeland Security pilot whose helicopter was shot twice Fri. Bullet hit a vest on the seat saving his life. Another bullet hit the blade.”

ABP Pilot Uses Protection
American Border Patrol
    The pilot of a U.S. Border Patrol helicopter was sitting on a flack jacket when his aircraft was struck by ground fire. it saved his life. This prompted Glenn Spencer, pilot of American Border Patrol's Cessna TU-206 to say that he has flown hundreds of hours flying along the border while sitting on a flack jacket. “There have been many instances when I felt vulnerable, such as when I flew right over a Mexican Army Humvee loaded with soldiers,” Spencer said. “Fortunately I never had to rely on it to save my life --- but things have changed on the border,” he added.