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June 8, 2015

Can We Get the Truth About the Border?
Yes - Soon

Mike King prepares thermal camera for border work (Feb. 14, 2015)
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- June 8, 2015
Border Truth to be Revealed - On Twitter
    When the Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee was told he couldn't show where the border fence is located, I sent an e-mail to his assistant with a link to a map showing exactly where the fencing is. Her response was "Amazing."
    DHS didn't want Sen. Johnson --- or anyone else --- to know the truth about the border --- and neither do the mainstream media. This is about to change. Beginning today, American Border Patrol is going to bypass the mainstream media using Twitter. We will begin sending tweets out to America, using @glennspencer8.
    We will start by telling America about the big July 3-4 BBQ where Mike King will demonstrate the SEIDARM™ system.
    I have worked with Mike King for twelve years and he has done some amazing things, but the mainstream media have ignored him and his work. The worst violator is the Arizona Republic --- a truly shameless newspaper.
    I hope America will join us on Twitter and on July 3rd and 4th where Mike King will show the world how the border can be secured.
    We are going directly to the American people to save our nation --- despite the Arizona Republic --- and the rest of the mainstream media.