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June 7, 2015

Ann Coulter on California Illegal Immigration
The Story She Missed
Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report -- June 7, 2015
Proposition 187 -- Not Killed by the Court 
    Ann Coulter devotes five pages to Proposition 187 in her new book, Adios America. "In 1994, Governor Pete Wilson of California pulled off an amazing come-from-behind victory by tethering himself with titanium cords to Proposition 187, which prohibited illegal aliens from collection public services” (page 258). She goes on to explain how everything the New York Times said would happen did not. She also said, “After getting a court to nullify the popularly enacted Prop. 187, the Left's most urgent priority was to make sure Republicans never tried anything like that again.” (page 261).
    What Coulter totally missed is that Prop. 187 was not killed by the courts, it was killed, illegally, by Gov. Gray Davis and the President of Mexico.
    I explain this in detail here.
    The truth is, according the California Constitution, because Proposition 187 was not tested at the appellate level, it was the law of California all along, but never enforced. It wasn't until last September that Gov. Brown signed a bill removing Prop. 187 language from the California's books --- an act in and of itself that was illegal.
    After being elected Governor of California, all Arnold Schwarzenegger had to have done is attempt to enforce Prop. 187, and it would have been sent to the U.S. Supreme Court --- which was the idea all along.
   With the exception of Pete Wilson, the history of illegal immigration in California is littered with the cowardice of Republican leadership. Too bad Ann Coulter missed this important story.