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June 1, 2015

Ann Assails the Arrogant Elite
(But isn't it our fault for remaining silent?)
New York Post -- May 31, 2015
Ann Coulter: With amnesty, elites conspire against the middle class
    Controversial firebrand Ann Coulter's new book, “Adios, America” argues that fettered immigration is destroying the country by driving down the salaries of the middle class while increasing their tax burden. And it's the elites on both sides --- right and left --- who are making it happen. An excerpt:
    This is “Goodbye,” America. Adios. Paalam Na. No further warning will be issued.
    For 40 years, the people have tried to tell politicians they want less immigration, but the politicians won't listen.
    Every single elite group in America is aligned against the public --- the media, ethnic activists, big campaign donors, Wall Street, multimillionaire farmers and liberal “churches.”
    They all want mass immigration from the Third World to continue. Both political parties connive to grant illegal aliens citizenship and bring in millions more legally, and the media hide the evidence.
    Their game plan is: Never allow an honest debate on immigration.
    Only in the case of immigration is the public systematically lied to from every major news outlet. They tell us, for example:
Polls show the public overwhelmingly supports "comprehensive immigration reform."
    No poll shows this. The Left uses polls to manipulate public opinion, rather than quantify it. Typical is a Brookings Institution Poll that asked respondents to chose between two ways to solve the illegal immigration problem: “Arrest and deport all those who are here illegally” or “provide an earned path to citizenship.” Absolutely no one has proposed that we deport all those here illegally --- much less “arrest” them. But can't I be against amnesty without voting for rounding up illegals at gunpoint? No! Look at the menu --- no substitutions!

Herding us like cattle
Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report
   As one who has spent 23 years -- full time -- fighting illegal immigration, It is with mixed emotions that I read what Ann Coulter has to say. I am happy that she is saying it, but I am sad that the American people could be duped into accepting such a bad situation for such a long time.
    It is as if are being herded like a bunch of cattle to our own slaughter without realizing it --- when we should.