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May 31, 2015

Tom Tancredo -- -- May 29, 2015
Thank you, Ann Coulter, for 'Adios, America!'
Exclusive: Tom Tancredo speculates about vitriol author will get over new book
    Ann Coulter's new book, “Adios, America!” is a collection and explanation of little-known facts about the cascading failures of U.S. immigration policy. But it is also more than that. The book tells the story of 50 years of cultural sabotage.
    The title predicts the consequences of the 50 years of cultural and political folly set in motion by Ted Kennedy's 1965 immigration “reform”: America is disappearing.
The replacement of the largely libertarian America of our fathers by a multicultural socialist utopia --- the dream of three generations of Marxists and assorted progressives --- is a fate and a destination now set on autopilot. Coulter lays it all out for all but the willfully blind to see
    Hopefully, and most likely, this will be Ann Coulter's 11th straight best-seller --- but, of course, this will not prevent the book being roundly condemned by the profiteers of open-borders idiocy at the Wall Street Journal, La Raza, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Republican National Committee. [...]
    The real value of Ann Coulter's book is that she shows this is nothing new. It did not start with Obama, and it will not end with Obama's departure. It is part of a plan change America radically by transforming the culture. True, authentic “immigration reform” would begin with repeal of much of the 1965 laws engineered by Teddy Kennedy.
    Thank you, Ann Coulter, for reminding us this is a long war with many fronts, most of them cultural, not political, and not an argument about border fences.