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May 29, 2015

Dramatic Demonstration of Technology
Video shows sensors detecting aircraft
Icons turn red as a low-flying aircraft flies over line of sensors at ABP ranch.
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- May 29, 2015
Ultralight Aircraft Problem Solvable
    In a recent test on the American Border Patrol ranch in southern Arizona, an ultralight aircraft was detected as it flew over a line of sensors buried in the ground.
    It was detected again as the aircraft made a 180 degree turn and flew back over the line of sensors. It was flying at about 100 feet off the ground. Watch
    This was nothing new, as we tested this system for the first time three years ago.
    Our border radar system cannot detect this type of aircraft but this system can. Watch
    The question must be asked: If the ultralight problem is solvable, why doesn't our government solve it?
    The Sonic Barrier (AKA SEIDARM™) will be in action at the Eighth Annual Flags Along the Border BBQ -- July 3 and 4 - at ABP’s border ranch. See Flyer.
    We will begin taking ticket orders on Monday, June 1. Don't miss this historic event!