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May 22, 2015

Fence Nonsense
What Homeland Security?
John Ladd stands next to hole cut in DHS/CBP border fence near his ranch. -- Photo by Glenn Spencer taken yesterday.
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- May 22, 2015
Border Not Taken Seriously
    The Department of Homeland Security built a border fence in Southern Arizona that, in 2008, we said was “designed to climb”.
    Since then we have learned that it was also designed to cut.
    Yesterday as I was driving along the border to check out sensors I spotted what was obviously a cut in the fence made by drug smugglers. Sure enough, as John Ladd found out, the hole was cut and a load of drugs was driven through it - untouched by the US Border Patrol.
    In the past three years more than forty holes have been cut in this fence --- just at the Ladd Ranch --- and, only one truckload of drugs was intercepted!
    There are solutions to this problem, but the Department of Homeland Security has turned them down. If this isn't proof enough that that our government isn't serious about securing our border, I don't know what is.