Past Features

May 10, 2015

Flags Along The Border Returns
Bigger Than Ever!

2008: Young girl placing American flags on the border --
interrupted by the Mexican Army
American Border Patrol -- May 10, 2015  
    In 2008 three thousand small American flags were placed on the barbed wire fence on the Mexican border in Arizona --- but not without being interrupted when a Mexican Army Humvee drove within a few feet of the volunteers!
     Less than six months after seeing those flags --- and our photo of the Mexican Army --- our government started building a huge fence --- right on the spot!
    But a five-mile-wide fence wasn't good enough for American Border Patrol --- we continued the tradition of Flags Along the Border
    By 2011, we were placing 10,000 flags on the border --- but this time on our own “fence.”
     This year we put out another call for flags --- and the response was incredible. So far, we have received more than 35,000 individual flags from American citizens, and we expect to have 50,000 flags by Independence Day --- the Fourth of July.
     In response, American Border Patrol is planning a special Flags Along the Border event for July 3 and 4 at our border ranch.
    Stay tuned --- and watch your mail for a special invitation.

*Note: The tradition of flags along the border was really started by Mark Knaeble in 2006.