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May 9, 2015

America's Hillary Choice Point
Will someone find the courage to stop her?
Breitbart -- May 8, 2015  
Krauthammer: Hillary's 'Going Hard Left, Nothing Is Going to Stop Her'
    Columnist Charles Krauthammer argued that Hillary Clinton's change of position on immigration is “an announcement she's going hard left. Nothing is going to stop her” on Friday's “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel.
    Krauthammer said, “Her immigration thing is an announcement she's going hard left. Nothing is going to stop her. She is now left of Obama on immigration, which is way out there, which means she's going after the base, which means that Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is not going to be getting in, which means she's got it sewn up.”

Hillary's Coup de Gras
Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report
Ron Sanders was named chief patrol agent of the Tucson sector in 1995. He left in 1999, to be replaced by David Aguilar -- hand-picked by Doris Meissner, head of INS at the time.
    Our current immigration law enforcement problems can be directly linked to Clinton's choice of Meissner -- especially prosecutorial discretion (read DACA).
    Twelve years ago I interviewed Ron Sanders (video only 3 minutes long), during which he pointed to 1994 --- the year Meissner was appointed --- as a turning point for border enforcement. “Certain individuals high in INS say an apprehension is a failure,” he told me.
    Very few understand that what we are witnessing today is nothing more than the continuation of a process started under Bill Clinton and accelerated under Barack Obama. With Saul Alinsky in mind, Hillary is hoping to administer the final coup de gras to what she thinks is a dying nation.
    The real question is: Will a Republican candidate finally find the courage to speak the truth and stop this madness?