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May 7, 2015

Feds Not Enforcing Immigration Laws
Texas wants states to take over
Houston Chronicle -- May 6, 2015  
Texas Senate OKs border security compact idea
    Austin -- A landmark bill that would allow Texas to join with other states to ramp up security along the Texas-Mexico border, to bust drug smugglers and human traffickers that federal agents are ignoring, was tentatively approved by the state Senate on Wednesday.
    Even if the measure is approved by the House, which is no certainty, it is likely to go nowhere since Congress would have to approve, an unlikely possibility.
    Before the 20-11 approval vote along party lines, the bill supported by ultra-conservative Republican grass-roots groups drew sharp criticism from Democrats over references to "illegal aliens" and assertions that it is a back-door way to halt "sanctuary cities" that do not enforce immigration laws.
    The measure by Sen. Bob Hall, R-Edgewood, would allow the governor to develop a so-called interstate compact agreement with other states to allow the states to enforce federal immigration laws. If such a compact is approved by Congress, and it would carry the weight of federal law.
    "These are criminals that the federal government is not enforcing the law against," Hall said, facing questions from border-county senators --- all Democrats --- who criticized it as an unusual step for the state to begin enforcing federal law. 
    "The federal government is not enforcing law on criminals. They are letting them go," Hall said. "They are not even arresting them when they have less than six victims with them."

Another Way to Go
Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol
    Texas understands the border problem --- the federal government is derelict --- but so are the media. But what is the likelihood that Obama will veto a bill that creates a border compact? 100%.
    A more limited approach would be to form a border commission that has the power to receive and disseminate raw statistical data on border enforcement --- thus bypassing DHS --- and the liberal media. I proposed such an approach in my presentation to GovSec West in November of 2013.
    DHS and the liberal media have resisted accountability for a reason - they don't want voters to see what is really going on at the border. A properly structured border commission would solve this problem. Obama may veto such an approach, but it would be very clear why he did - he opposes letting voters know the truth.