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May 2, 2015

Obama and Munoz Could Care Less
Cecilia Munoz, formerly of the National Council of La Raza, runs Barack Obama's illegal immigration initiative. Read more about Munoz.
Joe Guzzardi -- CAPS -- April 30, 2015  
White House Ignores Congressional Research Service Report Linking High Immigration to Lower American Wages
Although Americans are constantly lectured on the supposed fiscal advantages of evermore immigration, an important new Congressional Research Service report exposed the fallacies in that argument.
    According to the CRS findings presented to the Senate Judiciary Committee, before the foreign-born population surged in the 1970s and beyond, the median earnings for middle-class Americans rose steadily. After 1970, wages flattened until they plummeted dramatically in 2000.
    Specifically, between 1945 and 1970, the total population's foreign-born percentage dropped from about 7.7 percent to about 4.7 percent, and the median income for the bottom 90 percent of income tax filers increased by 82.5 percent. But then, as the foreign-born percentage of the population rose to about 13 percent in 2013, the median income for the bottom 90 percent of income tax filers dropped by 7.9 percent --- a 40-year low point.

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