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April 29, 2015

What is Brown in California? The Governor,
the People... and, soon, the Lawns
Some Saw it Coming

Fifty Million Californians? -- Richard Rodriguez -- On "Brown"
San Jose Mercury News -- April 28, 2015  
California drought: Water-wasting fines of $10,000 proposed by Gov. Jerry Brown
    Sacramento -- Waste California's water, risk a $10,000 fine.
    Residents and businesses could soon face that threat after Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday unveiled legislation that would increase potential penalties on the most flagrant water scofflaws and allow cities, counties and water districts to issue fines without having to go to court.
    "As this drought stretches on, we'll continue to do whatever is necessary to help communities save more water," Brown said after meeting with California mayors, including San Jose's Sam Liccardo and Oakland's Libby Schaaf.

Use a nozzle or go to jail?
How Uncontrolled Immigration Restricts Our Freedoms

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report  
San Jose Mercury News
    "Under existing state rules, residents and businesses can be fined if they water lawns so much that the water runs into the street, sidewalk or neighboring property. It is also illegal to wash cars without nozzles on the hose, for restaurants to serve water unless upon request and for anyone to irrigate lawns within 48 hours of measurable rain. But enforcement is up to local government.”
    911: “What is the nature of your emergency?” Caller: “My neighbor is washing his car without a nozzle!” 911: “We will have a unit dispatched immediately!”
    Later… Suspect: “But officer, the nozzle broke!” Officer: No excuses, you broke the law. Put your hands behind your back!”
    Calfornia lacks water for its people because of a huge increase in population --- much of it illegal. In 1994 the people of California took steps to stop this illegal immigration by passing Proposition 187. Led by the Los Angles Times, the California Power-Elite killed it --- illegally.
    Immigration laws are passed by Congress after extensive debate. Just as happened in California, Barack Obama is erasing those laws --- illegally. Just how many more of our freedoms will be lost as a result? Many.

The Impact Of Illegal Immigration On California's Drought Emergency
    ...Someone who comes to this country illegally to seek a better life does not have the right to make my life worse. Well, in theory anyways. The reality is that our government has failed us and we all have to suck it up.