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April 24, 2015

Fly to the moon, or secure the border
Which is harder?

Left, April 21, 2015 -- Gov. Perry says let's secure the border
Right, May 25, 1961 - President Kennedy says let's go to the moon.
NewsMax -- April 22, 2015  
Rick Perry: Secure the Border With Fencing, 'Boots on the Ground'
    "You have to secure the border," Perry, 65, told J.D. Hayworth on "America's Forum" on Newsmax TV. "The American people are not going to trust Washington, D.C., until you secure the border."
    "This is something that we have to deal with in this country --- and we can secure the border."
    Perry made his exclusive remarks during a visit to Newsmax's Washington DC studios. In the interview, which will air on Wednesday at 11 a.m. ET on Newsmax TV, Perry said that:
  • He would announce whether he will seek the 2016 Republican presidential nomination in late May or "the first of June."
  • The abuse-of-power case filed against him last year was "nonsense" and his attorneys had moved again to quash it.
  • Americans were looking for a president with "executive leadership" experience.
  • He had a "good" relationship with Sen. Ted Cruz, who announced his candidacy last month, and that he looked forward to a "respectful, civil" debate should he jump into the ring.
    Perry, who left the State House in January as the longest-serving governor in Texas history, told Newsmax that "the porous nature of that southern border was something that the United States needs to be concerned about."
Just How Stupid Are We?
Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol
May 25, 1961 - Kennedy says let's go to the moon
July 20, 1969 - We land on the moon
    In a little more than eight years we started from scratch, built a rocket ship, landed on the moon and returned the crew safely to earth.
October 26, 2006 -- President Bush signs the Secure Fence Act of 2006.
    Almost nine years later the job hasn't been done. The border is not secure.
    Just how stupid are we? Shouldn't we know by now that the people who really run the government refuse to secure the border?