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April 16, 2015

Chertoff Discovers Real Border Problem!
Where has he been?

July 9, 2010: Glenn Spencer explains need for border accounting to
Rep. Giffords, Chairman Thompson and Tucson Sector Chief Manjarrez, Jr.
Cronkite News -- April 13, 2015  
Panel: Government needs better way of measuring border security
    The Department of Homeland Security needs to find a better way to measure the success of border security policy or else spending on the issue is little more than “a shot in the dark,” a panel of experts said Monday.
    A report by the Bipartisan Policy Center also said that while the department already collects much of the data necessary to evaluate its effectiveness, that data is not consistently analyzed and not readily available for public review.
    The center organized the panel where former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said the data that is being collected is often focused on the wrong things, like numbers of border patrol agents or miles of border fence.
    Such “brute force” statistics do little to show how successful U.S. immigration policy and border security are at slowing the flow of illegal immigration, he said.
    “What is the value of a fence?” Chertoff asked. “A fence doesn't keep people out forever. It only slows them up. A fence is not always successful.”

A Little Late to the Party
Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol
    I was really impressed to learn that some serious thinkers have discovered the real problem on the border --- we are not focusing on measuring success!
    I know I am a nobody, but I have been saying this for almost ten years, beginning with Operation B.E.E.F. in 2006.
    Then there was "Hidden in Plain Sight” in 2009.
    For anyone who wants to take the time, I explain the problem in minute detail in this presentation to GovSec West in 2013.
    I understand the problem, and I have a solution. Unfortunately the Southern Poverty Law Center will not allow me to talk about it.