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April 13, 2015

King to Unveil New Border Technology
"SEIDARM" to debut at Phoenix Border Expo
American Border Patrol -- April 13, 2015  
An Important Border Breakthrough
   Mike King, Vice President of Border Technology, Inc., will unveil a breakthrough in border technology at the upcoming Border Security Expo set for April 21 and 22 in Phoenix. King, a former US Army sniper, is the co-inventor of the new system called SIEDARM™ - Seismic Detection and Ranging. King, who has been with BTI for eleven years, says the new technology can detect and track people, vehicles, and low flying aircraft. "The system can be installed on the entire border without a break," King said. "And it is solar powered," he added.
    SEIDARM™ is based on an earlier system called IDENTISEIS which was introduced in early 2011. IDENTISEIS could locate where on the sensor line a threat appeared --- but not on which side - or how far from the sensor line it was. SIEDARM™ can now do that --- and more.
    "We have been testing an improving this technology for more than four years and I assure that it performs as advertised," King said.
    King will be manning Border Technology's booth (#1100) at the Border Expo and will be available to answer questions about SEIDARM™. The booth will feature videos of SEIDARM™ in action on the border as it detects and tracks people, vehicles and aircraft.