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April 8, 2015

We Took Your State
Now We're Going to Take Your Money

Left: Kevin de Leon in Sacramento yesterday
Right: Kevin de Leon and Juan Jose Gutierrez in
Los Angeles in 1994 at an anti-Proposition 187 rally
Los Angeles Times -- April 7, 2015  
California Democrats unveil immigration bills, jab Congress on inaction
    Flanked by immigration advocates and lawmakers from both houses, California legislative leaders unveiled Tuesday a slate of new proposals to aid those in the country illegally, including offering state-subsidized healthcare and increasing legal protections against deportation.
    "Today we remind the rest of the nation that California is different," said Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon (D-Los Angeles). "We respect immigrants and recognize the contribution that they have made to this state from the very beginning."
    Lawmakers used the Tuesday morning news conference -- conducted in English and Spanish -- to blast Congress for failing to pass an overhaul of federal immigration laws.
    The 10-bill package unveiled Tuesday "is a reflection of the dereliction of duty of Congress," said De Leon, which he chalked up to "either intellectual laziness or a lack of work ethic on this issue."
    The most sweeping proposal would extend Medi-Cal coverage to people living in the country illegally. Lawmakers acknowledged that such an expansion of state-paid healthcare for the poor could come at significant costs, but the bill's author, Sen. Ricardo Lara, said he was lobbying authorities in Washington for the federal government to shoulder part of the burden.
    The proposal's price tag could pose a challenge to California's delicately balanced budget.

Kevin de Leon --- Better not tell the truth
    In 1994, Kevin de Leon joined a demonstration against California Proposition 187 that included Juan Jose Gutierrez.
    Any fair observer would agree that this demonstration was anti-American. (Watch)
    Proposition 187 passed despite de Leon and the Mexican revolutionaries --- however the power structure killed it --- illegally.
    Now, having grabbed political control of California, de Leon and the Mexicans are demanding that taxpayers give free health care to illegal aliens.
    It is a good thing that the liberal media like the L.A. Times don't tell the truth about this sordid affair --- if they did the people would be very angry.