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April 4, 2015

Texans Understand the Problem
Now they need a solution

New technology could count every illegal alien. See larger map...
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- April 4, 2015  
    A University of Texas poll taken in February shows that almost 40% of Texans think the most important problems facing the state are either border security or immigration.
    Another 28% point to issues that are impacted by border security and immigration --- political corruption, education, the economy, health care and unemployment.
Dearth of Data
    According to the Wall Street Journal Texas could be spending “as much as $400 million a year” on border security. The Journal also says there is a “dearth of data on whether the added state law-enforcement presence has had any demonstrable impact.”
    There is a way to get data --- count everyone who crosses the Rio Grande River levee and subtract those caught.
    This could be done by installing the SEIDARM® as shown above and here.
® --- Seismic Detection and Ranging - is a major technical breakthrough based on what we have been calling the Sonic Barrier. (click here for a PowerPoint presentation of the history)
    This system could be installed quickly and at a relatively low cost.
® will be shown at the Ninth Annual Border Security Expo in Phoenix on April 21/22. Government employees can get a free pass to see the system in person.