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April 3, 2015

Texas Remembers the Alamo
Matt Mackowiak -- -- April 2, 2015  
Border Security: Texas Leads While Feds Fail
    Immigration remains a major issue across the country, but in Texas, it's not just a political football. Border security is a top priority this legislative session.
    In his State of the State address, Gov. Greg Abbott made it an emergency item, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick consistently campaigned on the issue, and both the Texas House and Texas Senate are advancing their own legislation.
    Last summer, the crisis of unaccompanied minors on the southern border led then-Gov. Rick Perry to surge resources to the region, since the federal government refused to respond to the crisis. Perry later called up the Texas National Guard to provide an additional monitoring capability.
    A month ago, it appeared that the House and Senate, through their leaders, had a difference of opinion. Patrick wanted to keep the Texas National Guard on the border, while House Speaker Joe Straus signaled that he did not, but would defer to the governor.
    This difference of opinion was also reflected in the line item for border security in the House and Senate budgets, which were about $300 million apart over the next two years.
    Abbott resolved the difference by taking a middle path: The Texas National Guard would remain on the border until Abbott's border security plan was implemented.

Julián Aguilar -- Texas Tribune -- April 1, 2015
Efforts to Divert Border Security Funding Mostly Fall Flat