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April 2, 2015

Border Enforcement First
Sound Familiar?

Left: 2006, Bush Signs Secure Fence Act
Right: Nine years later - Grassley - "Secure the borders first"
KTVO-TV -- Ottumwa, Iowa -- April 1, 2015  
Sen. Grassley: Immigration reform starts with border security
    Albia, Iowa -- The deportation of Iowa City pastor Max Villatoro to Honduras sparked an immigration debate that has swept across Iowa and impacted the entire county. Rep. Dave Loebsack, D-Iowa, has intervened on his behalf.
    But Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, said today at a town hall meeting in Albia that he doesn't know enough about the case to make a judgment.
    Immigration reform and enforcement was just one of many questions asked by the Monroe County residents at the meeting.
    Grassley says that the immigration system is broken, and the only way to fix the crisis is by strict enforcement and securing borders.
    “People ought to applaud the enforcement of our immigration laws because there has been a feeling that the laws have not been enforced by this administration,” Sen. Grassley said. “My feeling is that the immigration system is broken. The number one step to fix it and get other legislation passed is to make sure we secure the borders first.”

Who Really Runs This Country?
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
    In 2006, George Bush signed a border security law that he and the power elite had no intention of enforcing. I knew this, so American Border Patrol launched Operation BEEF - Border Enforcement Evaluation First (BEEF). Sure enough we proved that the job was not being done. After Sen. Dole blew the whistle and killed amnesty, they ended the charade and killed the fence entirely.
    Then they got rid of Senator Dole.
    Just who runs this country? For decades the American people have demanded border security, and yet we don't have it. Why? I will tell you why - because the people who really run this country don't want the border to be secured.